Citycell introduces 'reactivation offer' for the all inactive customers. Under this Bondho SIM offer, all eligible customers will enjoy 100MB FREE internet data, FREE hello tunes, unlimited SMS and special call rates on any amount recharge.CITYCELL Reactivation offer
The Bondho SIM Offer is closed.


Time: 24 hours
citycell - Other operators: 10 paisa / 10 second
citycell- citycell : 5 paisa / 10 second

Bondho SIM offers details/conditions:

  • all prepaid customers inactive from 20th January 2015 or before are eligible for this offer.
  • customers can be checked their number eligibility by typing “Check” and send to 4567 (FREE)
  • To get 100MB free data, write "100" and send SMS to 9666
  • Free data validity 5 days
  • Bulk SMS users cannot able to send Unlimited SMS
  • for hello tunes registration writes "reg" and send SMS to 9999. subscription fee 4.67tk
  • to get FREE hello tunes to write "get" and send SMS to 9999
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Banglalink 0'1971'XXXXXX Special Number Series

Banglalink 01971 XXXXXX launched the number series. Love your mobile number for the country. The special number of code of Bangladesh Liberation War 01971 can be purchased. Please contact your nearest shop to get the 01971 Special Series Number of Banglalink.
In Bengali: Banglalink 01971 XXXXXX সিরিজের বিশেষ নম্বর
Banglalink 01971XXXXXX Series Special Number

Banglalink 01971 xxxxxx number series:

The 1971 series special mobile number and new sim offer details are discussed below. 
  • Customers can be found the 1971 series numbers at Banglalink Point or Banglalink Care Center.
  • The 1971 series price of SIM is only Tk 110.
  • Customers need to provide a national identity card, passport size photographs, safe details for purchasing SIM.
  • To perform sim activation, follow the biometrics process.
  • Current prepaid connection call rates, features, and benefits will be applicable for these special numbers
  • The stock is valid until permanent.

Others information:

  • Customers will also get Banglalink new connection offer.
  • Every new connection, Users will get an activation bonus and Data bonus.
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Teletalk MNP Offer 47 Paisa Call Rate And 1GB Internet

Teletalk has launched MNP offer. Now go to the free Teletalk network without changing the mobile number, keep the country's money in the country!
Under the MNP facility, you can get 24 hours 47 paisa/minute call rate (any operator) without any recharge requirement on our network! Interesting data offer with the price!
Teletalk MNP Offer

MNP Rules / Information:

If the original documents of the SIM and 50 rupees are lost in the original papers, then the subscriber must submit a photocopy of his national identity card and two copies of the passport size photograph.
For any reason, if the subscriber can not come to Teletalk customer care, then the permit can be sent by sending a representative on the prescribed form by sending a representative, but in this case, FNF list and call details may be asked.

Teletalk MNP Offer:

  • For any number 47 paisa per minute call rate for 24 hours.
  • Teletalk 2 GB internet pack is only Tk 33, validity is 2 days.
  • 1 GB data pack is only 45 taka. This pack is valid for 30 days.
  • The Teletalk 30-day 30 GB interchange package will cost only Tk 449.
  • To check Internet balance, dial * 152 #.
  • Other Information:
  • This offer is for all customers who are coming from other operators to Teletalk operator.
  • The package can be taken multiple times during the offer.
  • Contact the call center to collect SIM.
Also get more information and help Get Teletalk MNP Offer Read more in Bangla. 

High Speed Teletalk 3G internet in Bangladesh

Teletalk Provides High-Speed 3G NETWORK IN Bangladesh. Then others Mobile Operator Teletalk is much strong in 3G Network. Awesome internet speed for downloading and browsing.
High Speed Teletalk 3g Internet

What is 3G?

The third generation (third generation) or 3G-Third generation term means the future generation of mobile communication. Can accept high-speed multimedia services through 3G. With your handset, you can watch videos using high-speed internet. You can enjoy video calls, live TVs, high-speed internet, from 3G phones and 3G networks.

3G is different from 2G? 

Yes, High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology is used in 3G, so that 3G networks can send data very quickly from 2G networks. Which means audio, video, graphics, and text. 3G customers will be able to exchange live video from the 3G networking area. 

What are the benefits of 3G? 

Answer: High-speed internet can be used in 3G, video calls, and many more multimedia services are available in 3G which is not in 2G. 

What are the essentials to use 3G? 

  1. Must have a 3G connection, 
  2. 3G enabled mobile set and 
  3. Your area will be under 3G network. 

What are HSPA and WCDMA enabled?

Answer: HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) is a new generation communication protocol, allowing users to exchange data with 21 Mbps speed in a good area and situation. Nowadays, HSPA has a mobile phone and USB data card.
WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is a version of the 3G technology that allows data transfer in 384 Kbps speeds in good area and state. What else can I do with 3G?
  • You can communicate with family and friends directly by video call. 
  • High-speed Internet access. 
  • Download and upload large files at high speed. 
  • Attach large file attachments and can be mailed. 
  • See streaming video. 
  • Can play and download HD games.

I am not a Teletalk user, how can I get 3G service on my mobile? 

Answer: New users will have to take a new TELETALK 3G connection to avail 3G services.

What happens when I go out of the 3G area? 

Answer: When you move out of the area, your mobile will use the 2G / 2.5G network. But keep an eye on whether your dual mode is active on your mobile.

How do I know if I have got the 3G connection? 

Answer: When your mobile is launched for 3G services, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile. And you can enjoy 3G services.

What do 3G speeds depend on? 

  1. on the handset 
  2. Network Area
  3. Network traffic, how many users are using the 3G network at the moment. 

Can I download and upload video to mobile? 

Answer: Yes, you can. With 3G, you can view and download videos on your mobile. You can also record videos and upload them to the Internet and share them with friends.

What is the benefit of mobile broadband? 

Mobile broadband will allow you to use the high-speed internet in any situation. To have mobile broadband services, mobile handsets with 3G enabled and 3G services have to be.
If you want to use 3G on a laptop while you are on the move, you can use your 3G handset to connect to the computer with data cable, infrared or Bluetooth, using 3G.

When buying a 3G phone, should you look at any particular specialties? 

All mobile phones in the market do not support 3G.
Two types of 3G phones are available: HSPA and WCDMA enabled.
According to Teletalk's advice, it is best to use HSPA-compatible handsets for high speed and 3G usage.
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Banglalink Internet offer 2018! All Internet Package

Banglalink Internet offer and internet offer are people search on the website. Banglalink provides 4G service in Bangladesh. And They offer some internet offer for their prepaid and postpaid customers.
If you are a Robi or GP users then check Robi Internet offer and GP Internet offer. Now, look all the informative post about Banglalink Internet offer - All internet package 2018.
Banglalink Internet offer 2018

Banglalink Internet offer 2018 for New SIM:

If You recently buy a Banglalink New SIM card then you can a charming internet offer wait for you.
  • 1GB Instant Internet for 15 days
  • 1GB Internet pack on 9 Taka recharge.
  • You can get a total 11 times at 1GB@ 9Tk internet offer.
  • Dial *5000*109# to check your remaining data balance.

Unlimited Internet offer 4 hours 19 Taka:

Banglalink offer unlimited internet for 4 running hours, means once you active 1GB @ 19Tk offer then it will last for next 4 hours. But there is a fair use policy as data pack speed will be 128kbps after 1GB usage.
Dial *5000*773# to active Banglalink internet offer 4hours @19Tk.

Some others Data packs list:

Banglalink all internet package and corresponding internet price and validity is given below.
Data Volume Validity USSD Code Price
9 MB(Regular) 1 Day *5000*513# 3Tk
50 MB(Regular) 1 Day *5000*543# 13Tk
150 MB(Regular) 7 Day *5000*522# 26Tk
250 MB (Regular) 7 Day *5000*501# 36Tk
250 MB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*585# 47Tk
750 MB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*503# 119Tk
1.5 GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*581# 209Tk
3GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*599# 399Tk
5GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*508# 499Tk
25GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*510# 1,799Tk

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Robi Bondho Sim Offer 2018 1 Year Free Internet

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2018. Now Robi sim inactive user can get 1 Year Free Data & Special call rate offer. Robi Bondho SIM Offer eligible customers can get 1 GB Free Internet & lowest call rate offer by recharging 29 Taka. Robi off SIM reactivation user will get totally 12 GB Internet in 1 Year. To enjoy Robi Closed/Bondho SIM offer 2018, Robi Customers first need to recharge 29 Taka.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2018 Details:

Robi is the 2nd largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. Robi has many users who do not use their sim card. Robi Axiata Ltd. wants to increase their customers. In this purpose, Robi brings Winback offer 2018. You know that Robi & Airtel are marses in one operator. Airtel also provides Airtel Bondho SIM offer BD

Robi Bondho SIM Offer Check:

Normally, Robi Prepaid SIM connection user who has been not using their SIM card at least 60 days or more can eligible for this Bondho offer.
Robi Customer can check Bondho sim offer by sending an SMS. Customers need to write a message in a format to Robi Bondho SIM Offer check eligibility for the offer or not. On return message, you will know you eligible or not. Customers will get a reply SMS. Read the reply SMS, If Customers are eligible for the closed sim offer, then they can enjoy the reactivation offer 2018.
Example: A 018XXXXXXXX and send to 8050
Customers can also check Robi Bondho sim latest internet offer by dial *8050#

Robi Reactivation Bondho sim data offer:

After activation, Customers can enjoy special data pack offer. Robi provides Bondho SIM internet offer 2018. Customers will get 1GB Data bonus by recharging 29 Taka & 2GB Internet bonus on 100 Tk recharge.
  • Customers need to recharge 29 Tk or 100 Tk to get Robi bondho sim internet offer.
  • Customers will get 1 GB Data by recharging 29 Taka & 2 GB Data internet on recharge 100 Tk.
  • Robi 1GB & 2GB Bonus Data pack validity is 7 days.
  • This bonus Internet Usable time is 24 hours.
  • Customers can get this data pack only once within a month.
  • Customers can get this Robi internet offer in Every month( Per month 1 GB)
  • To get next month data pack recharge 29/100 Tk.
  • After recharge buys any internet pack by easy load or data card.
  • After buying you get a bonus 1 GB internet pack.
  • This bonus pack validity 7 Days.
  • Bonus data offer can get only once a month.
  • To check remaining Internet balance, dial *123*3*5# or *8444*88#
  • 15% VAT, 3% SD & 1% Sc will be applicable. 

Robi Closed SIM Special Call Rate Offer:

  • Recharge 29Tk\100 Tk to get special call rate offer.
  • Robi - Other: 1 Poisha/Sec.
  • Robi-Robi/airtel :5 Poisha/Sec.
  • Robi special call rate offer validity 30 days on 29 Taka recharge & 90 days on 100 Taka recharge.

Terms & Condition:

  • Customers must need to biometric their SIM card to enjoy this offer.
  • If You do not active Bondho sim offer in every month, You can not get the bonus internet next month.
  • If you do not recharge 29/100 Tk call rate will be 21 Paisa per 10 sec for any operator.
  • VAT, SD & SC will be applicable.
  • This is a promotional offer for Robi users.
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Banglalink Inactive/Bondho SIM Offer Check Code

Banglalink Inactive/Bondho SIM Offer Check Code

Banglalink 3rd large mobile operator in Bangladesh. To increase their customers, Banglalink offered Bondho sim offer. After successfully reactive their inactive prepaid customers will enjoy activation offer. But most of the users don't know how to check Banglalink Bondho SIM offer.
Read this inactive SIM offer and know full process of activation. For only eligible user can enjoy Bondho SIM internet offer & reactivation special call rate. So, know more about activation code and process.

Banglalink Bondho SIM offer check:

Are you searching for Banglalink Bondho SIM activation code? or how to know Banglalink closed sim eligibility check? Here is the right place to know full details information.
Bondho SIM offer Check:
  • First, you need a Banglalink SIM card (Any Banglalink SIM).
  • Go to message option, write your number(Off SIM number) and send to 4343 number(Free)
  • You will get a confirmation SMS.
Example: Type 0190000000 and send SMS to 4343 (Free)
If you are eligible for closed sim offer then only follow the message. We have written another article about check and activation details. You can visit: Banglalink Bondho SIM offer 2018

Closed SIM others information:

  • Customers need to recharge 23 Taka or dial *166*023# for the offers activation.
  • Get 1GB Internet & 40 Minute (any Number), Free 1000 SMS for 15 day
  • Get a special rate of 0.9 paisa/second to any number for 90 day
  • To know your balance offer, dial *124*300#.
  • Dial *166*220# to register for a special call rate.

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