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GP All Internet Package | Price & Activation Code

GrameenPhone All Internet Package 2020. all prepaid and postpaid users are eligible for GP Internet Internet offers. Grameenphone customers can active both 4G\3G\2G Internet Package. GP internet Package, Validity & price are given below:

GP Internet Packages

GP Internet Packages Details:

GrameenPhone always provides high-speed & strong internet service in Bangladesh. GP provides daily, monthly & fortnightly internet package. Grameenphone also provides Facebook data pack, night data pack & social internet pack.

GP internet configuration setting:

Customers must neet GP Handset Settings for using the internet in smartphone & modem. to get GP internet configuration to write "all" and send it to 8080 (SMS charge free).

GP Internet Package 2020

Grameenphone prepaid & postpaid customers can buy internet pack by using code. Customers need to dial *5000# to enjoy the GP Data pack. If you are a Grameenphone internet users & want to active internet package, you can choose them from below.
Volume Pack Price(BDT) Validity Activation Code
250MB @ 31tk313*121*3083#
2GB443 (72hours)*121*3242#
1GB Weekly867*121*3056#
2GB Weekly1297*121*3058#
4GB Weekly1797*121*3084#
6GB(3GB Regular + 3GB 4G)1487*121*3262#
10GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G)1987*121*3133#
3.5GB (2.5GB Regular + 1GB 4G)33728*121*3009#
5.5GB (3.5GB Regular + 2GB 4G)42728*121*3010#
Whatsapp pack 26MB 2.53*121*3063#
Viber pack 26MB2.53*121*3070#
Heavy Video pack63*121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days1.53*121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB)53*121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days1828*121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days67*121*3023#

* Customers will get 1 Free SMS With 2GB, 3GB, 5GB & 10GB internet package.

GP Smart plan Pack :

Smart plan Pack Price Validity Activation Code
500 MB, 200 Min, 200 SMS, 200 MMS 299 30 days *121*3*7*9*1#
1 GB, 400 Min, 400 SMS, 400 MMS 499 30 days *121*3*7*9*2#
2 GB, 600 Min, 600 SMS, 600 MMS 699 30 days *121*3*7*9*3#

GP  Night Time Pack :

Night Pack Price Validity Activation Code
1 GB 33 tk 7 days *5000*122#
2 GB 44 tk 7 days *5000*105#

GP Facebook Pack :

Pack Name Price Validity Activation Code
Facebook 1 Day 2 tk 1 day *121*3*7*8*1*1#
Facebook 7 Days 1 tk 1 day *121*3*7*1#
Facebook 14 Days 9 tk 14 days *121*3*7*2*2#
Facebook 28 Days 15 tk 28 days *121*3*7*2*3#

GP Video Pack :

Internet Pack Price Validity Activation Code
Daily Video pack 2 1 day *121*3*7*8*1*1#
Daily Heavy Video pack 5 1 *121*3*7*8*1*2#
Weekly Video pack 15 7 *121*3*7*8*1*3#

GP Emergency data loan (10MB) :

10 MB Data Loan Price 5 tk Validity 2 days Activation Code: *5000*50#

Other Important Codes :

Turn Off Auto-Renew
Important Codes USSD Code Keyword 
Turn On Auto-Renew  *121*3*8*1# On
 *121*3*8* off
Stop Internet Package *121*3*8*3# stop
Get Handset Settings *121*3*8*4# N/A
Cancel current pack *121*3*8*3# cancel

*Send Message to 5000

Terms & Conditions:
  • After Internet Volume Expiration customers will be charged from the main account.
  • Unused Data Volume will be carried forward if the customer purchases the same pack within the active validity period.
  • GP Internet packages offer are not applicable to skitto users.
  • VAT, SD & SC are applicable.

Banglalink Internet Offer 2020 (Active Code)

Banglalink Internet offer and internet offer are people search on the website. Banglalink provides 4G service in Bangladesh. And They offer some internet offer for their prepaid and postpaid customers.
If you are a Robi or GP users then check Robi Internet offer and GP Internet offer. Now, look all the informative post about Banglalink Internet offer - All internet package 2019.
Banglalink Internet offer 2018

    Banglalink Internet offers 2020 for New SIM

    If You recently buy a Banglalink New SIM card then you can a charming internet offer wait for you.
    • 1GB Instant Internet for 15 days
    • 1GB Internet pack on 9 Taka recharge.
    • You can get a total 11 times at 1GB@ 9Tk internet offer.
    • Dial *5000*109# to check your remaining data balance.

    Unlimited Internet offers 4 hours 19 Taka:

    Banglalink offers unlimited internet for 4 running hours, means once you active 1GB @ 19Tk offer then it will last for the next 4 hours. But there is a fair use policy as data pack speed will be 128kbps after 1GB usage.
    Dial *5000*773# to active Banglalink internet offer 4hours @19Tk.

    Some other Data packs list

    Banglalink all internet package and corresponding internet price and validity are given below.
    Data Volume Validity USSD Code Price
    9 MB(Regular) 1 Day *5000*513# 3Tk
    50 MB(Regular) 1 Day *5000*543# 13Tk
    150 MB(Regular) 7 Day *5000*522# 26Tk
    250 MB (Regular) 7 Day *5000*501# 36Tk
    250 MB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*585# 47Tk
    750 MB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*503# 119Tk
    1.5 GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*581# 209Tk
    3GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*599# 399Tk
    5GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*508# 499Tk
    25GB(Regular) 30 Day *5000*510# 1,799Tk

    We are highly recommended that you can check the latest offer and all internet data packs from the Banglalink website for. If you like our post then don't forget to share this article. You can also like our Facebook page Telemela

    Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 (Data Pack Active Code)

    Are you looking for a Teletalk Internet offer 2019? Read the article about the Teletalk Internet package. Teletalk is the own state telecom company of Bangladesh. According to the BTRC Mobile Phone subscribers report, it has more than 4.553 million subscribers.
    Teletalk provides free internet offer, internet bonus,  and internet offers. In this article information about Teletalk Internet offer/Teletalk Internet Package 2019. All Teletalk internet offer 2019 have been updated below.
    Teletalk Internet Offer
    Teletalk Intenet offer

      Teletalk Internet Offer 2020

      Teletalk has a cheap internet package both 2G, 3G, and 4G. All prepaid and postpaid users use a heavy internet package. They also provide an Unlimited internet package. So, All Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 are listed below.

      Teletalk Internet Package List

      Data Pack Price Validity Activation Code
      45 MB 9 Tk 2 Days *111*501#
      100 MB 18 Tk 3 Days *111*502#
      150 MB 24 Tk 7 Days *111*512#
      250 MB 28 Tk 3 Days *111*503#
      300 MB 39 Tk 10 Days *111*513#
      1 GB 112 Tk 15 Days *111*521#
      2 GB 33 Tk 2 Days *111*33#
      2 GB ( 1 GB + 1 GB Bonus) 78 Tk (1 GB 10 Days) *111*511#
      1 GB 111 Tk 30 Days *111*530#
      2 GB 167 Tk 15 Days *111*522#
      2 GB (1 GB + 1 GB Bonus) 201 Tk (1 GB 30 Days) *111*531#
      5 GB 151 Tk 7 Days *111*151#
      10 GB 249 Tk 10 Days *111*249#
      30 GB 449 Tk 30 Days *111*449#
      4 GB (2 GB + 2 GB Bonus) 301 Tk (2 GB 30 Days) *111*532#
      8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB Bonus ) 391 Tk (4 GB 30 Days) *111*533#
      1 GB + 1 GB 168 Tk 30 Days *111*534#
      5 GB 445 Tk 30 Days *111*550#
      10 GB 835 Tk 30 Days *111*551#
      15 GB 1002 Tk 30 Days *111*552#
      25 GB 1169 Tk 30 Days *111*553#
      40 GB 1669 Tk 30 Days *111*554#
      60 GB 2225 Tk 30 Days *111*555#

      Teletalk Agami Internet offer

      Teletalk provides a special Agami internet offer 2020. Only GPA5 students can get Agami Package.
      Data Volume Price Validity USSD Code
      1 GB 94 Tk 30 Days *111*544#
      1 GB 21 Tk 2 Days N/A
      5 GB 334 Tk 30 Days *111*545#
      10 GB 159 Tk 10 Days N/A
      20 MB N/A 1 Days D43
      1 GB 43 Tk 30 Days N/A
      1 GB 21 Tk 2 Days N/A

      Teletalk internet offer Bornomala

      Teletalk Bornomala student internet package 2019, Some of Data plan for Teletalk internet offer Bornomala are listed below:
      Data Volume Price Validity Activation Code
      500 MB 70 Tk 30 Days *111*571#
      1 GB 21 Tk 2 Days N/A
      1 GB 53 Tk 30 Days N/A
      1 GB 104 Tk 10 Days *111*572#
      6 GB 400 Tk 30 Days *111*573#
      10 GB 159 Tk 10 Days N/A

      Oporajita Internet Package

      Teletalk internet offers Oporajita 2019. Oporajita Package is the special prepaid package for girls of Bangladesh. Now, See some Oporajita Internet code and price.
      Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
      1 GB 8 Tk *111*8# 7 Days
      1 GB 18 Tk *111*18# 2 Days
      2 GB 36 Tk *111*36# (Regular 7 Days)
      (1 GB regular data (Bonus 1 Day)
      1 GB 89 Tk N/A 30 Days
      10 GB 149 Tk *111*149# 10 Days
      2 GB *111*199# 30 Days

      Mayer Hasi Internet Offer

      Teletalk Mayer Hasi is a Free prepaid package for the student's mother. Teletalk has some Mayer Hasi Internet offer.
      Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD CodeShort Code
      1 GB79 Tk30 Days*111*79#D79
      2 GB131 Tk30 Days*111*131#D131

      Corporate Internet Package

      Teletalk has some corporate data plans. Activation code, price, and validity are given below.
      Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD Code
      2 GB160 Tk30 DaysCP01
      5 GB300 Tk30 DaysCP02
      10 GB500 Tk30 DaysCP03
      15 GB675 Tk30 DaysCP04
      25 GB1000 Tk30 DaysCP05
      40 GB1400 Tk30 DaysCP06
      60 GB1800 Tk30 DaysCP07

      Teletalk Important internet codes

      To know Account Balance and remaining internet, Dial *152#
      To check Teletalk's remaining internet balance, write U and send it to 111.

      Teletalk Internet Setting

      To get handset settings: Write "set" and send SMS to "738"

      Teltalk Internet Pack FAQ:

      Question: How can I check TeleTalk account balance?
      Answer: Teletalk balance check: Dial *152#
      Question: How can I buy/activate teletalk Internet package?
      Answer: To buy the Teletalk internet package, send SMS to 111.
      Question: How to stop Internet in teletalk?
      Answer: N/A
      Question: How can I check teletalk internet balance?
      Answer: write U and send to 111 (Free)
      Question: How can I activate teletalk 3G?
      Answer: write 3G and send it to 666.
      Question: How can I upgrade 4G?
      Answer: no need to dial any code.
      Question: How can I recharge my TeleTalk scratch card?
      Answer: To recharge the scratch card dial *151*hidden number#
      Question: How can I get emergency Internet balance in teletalk?
      Answer: Dial *1122# to get Teletalk emergency balance.
      All Internet Pack and internet offer information are collected from Teletalk Official website They can change or modify any package at any time.

      Robi Internet offer 2020 (All Internet Package)

      Robi New Internet Offer 2020. Robi all prepaid customers are eligible for internet offers. Robi Customers can enjoy the lowest cost data package. Active Robi 4G internet package and enjoy 4G speed internet browsing.
      Robi internet offer

        Robi internet offers 2020

        Robi merged with Airtel and as the second-largest telecommunication company in BangladeshThey currently provide 4.5G network services all over Bangladesh. Robi provides a 4G network for its customers. They also offer some 4G data Package. All the internet offer is updated on their official website

        Robi Internet/Data Package

        Robi all internet package, activation code & validity is given below:-
        Internet Pack Price (BDT) Active Code Validity
        100 MB (FB & IMO) Tk. 10 *123*0010# 3 days
        100 MB FB + 100 MB IMO) Tk. 19 *123*019# 3 days
        350 MB (IMO) Tk. 20 *123*56# 28  days
        350 MB (FB & Whatsapp) Tk. 18 *123*0250# 28  days
        800 MB (600 FB+200MB) Tk. 49 *123*049# 7 days
        1 GB (PUBG) Tk. 33 *123*033# 30 days
        1 GB (FB & Whats) Tk. 49 *123*250# 30 days
        1 GB IMO Pack Tk. 53 *123*056# 28 days

        Important Code:
        • SMS balance check *222*12#
        • Minute balance check *222*8#
        • Internet balance check *8444*88#
        • Source: Robi

        More Data Offer:

        Robi 4G Internet Offer 2020

        Robi 4G upgrade users can get a 1GB internet bonus. Robi 1GB internet package free at cost. Dial *123*3*5# to active 4G & enjoy everyday 1GB data bonus.

        1 GB Internet offer at 30 Tk

        Robi new year internet offers 2018. Robi 1 GB 30 Tk data offer. This Happy new year internet package validity is 2 days.

        Dial *123*301# to active Happy New Year internet offer. To check remaining internet balance, dial *8444*88#

        Robi 3gb 61tk internet offer

        All prepaid users are eligible for 61 Tk 3GB Data pack. To active Recharge 61Tk or Dial *123*061#

        Dial *3# for data balance check. The validity of Robi 3GB 3Days 61Tk Internet Offer is 3 days.

        Robi Bondho SIM offer:
        Robi Inactive Bondho SIM users can get a total of 12 GB internet bonuses in 12 months. Customers can get 1 GB internet on 29 Tk recharge. If You have an Unused SIM, Recharge 29 Tk or 100 Tk for getting respectively 1 GB internet or 2 GB internet bonus.
        Others Operator Data Pack:
        Thank you for reading Robi internet offer, If You have any questions about the Robi 3G\4G internet package please comment.

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        GP Minute Offer 2020 - All GP Minutes Pack

        Grameenphone Ltd. has introduced an attractive talk time offers. They offer GP to GP or GP to Any number Voice Minute at Cheap rate. All Prepaid users can enjoy GP Minute offer 2020. So, Active GP latest Minute offer. Customers can buy Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly Bundle Pack.
        GP BundlePack can be used for Any Operator Number. You can also Bondu Prepaid Package Special call rate for FnF & Super FnF Rate.
        GP Minute Offer
        GP Minute Offer

          GP Minute Offer 2020 Update

          Grameenphone has different types of minute offers, and we always updated  GP all minute pack. To avail Minute offer, All prepaid customers can enjoy Minute Pack.
          Choose an offer that you want to enjoy GP to GP Minute offer, GP to Any Operator Minute offer 2020.

          How to Buy GP Minutes offers 2020?

          Customers can buy GP minute offers and GP minute offer package in many ways. We share the easiest way to buy GP bundle offers packages. Now follow the given instruction-
          1. Choose the Talk-Time Pack
          2. Find out the Minute Pack code
          3. Dial the activation code
          After dialing the activation code, You will get a confirmation message.

          Grameenphone Minute Pack list

          Grameenphone always offers many types of minute package. Now, choose your package and buy Minute Pack. All GP Minutes Pack list is given below.
          GP Minute Pack

          All GP Minute Pack list:
          Minute Pack, Activation code, price, and validity are given below.
          PriceBundle PackValidityActive Code
          Tk. 610 Minutes6 Hr.*121*4024#
          Tk. 1423 Minutes16 Hr.*121*4001#
          Tk. 2440 Minutes24 Hr.*121*4002#
          Tk. 5390 Min & 50 SMS7 Days*121*4004#
          Tk. 4470 Minutes4 Days*121*4003#
          Tk. 78125 Minutes7 Days*121*4026#
          Tk. 99160 Minutes7 Days*121*4006#
          Tk. 117200 Minutes7 Days*121*4007#
          Tk. 199330 Minutes30 Days*121*4018#
          Tk. 233400 Minutes15 Days*121*4008#
          Tk. 288500 Minutes30 Days*121*5074#
          Note: Dial *121*1*2# to know GP minute's balance.

          How to increase GP Minute Pack validity?

          At the end of the validity period,  You can't use the remaining minutes,. If you purchase again within the validity period, the minutes will be added to your main account. So, You can increase your minute pack validity day if you buy this package again before the expiration day.

           General Conditions of GP Minute Pack:

          • All Prepaid customers are applicable for this package.
          • GP Skitto users are eligible for this offer.
          • 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT +1% SC on price inclusive of SD will be applicable
          • GP Minute Pack offer will continue until further notice.

          Best Offer for You

          1. GP SMS Pack Offer 2020- List of All SMS Offer
          2. GP NEW SIM Offer 2020 (Recharge internet offer)
          3. GPAY Bill Pay Service Payment
          4. GP to GP 40 Minutepack at 14 Tk
          5. GP Special Call Rate offer (Nishchinto)
          6. GP Skitto SIM Internet Pack

          Robi Happy New Year Offer 2020

          Robi Happy New Year Offer 2020. Happy New Year to all customers. Robi comes special Happy New Year Internet Packages. If you are prepaid customers then this article is for you.
          Now, 2020 MB Internet at only 30 Taka for 3 days. So, Enjoy Robi 2020 MB Happy NEW Year offer.
          Robi Happy New Year Offer 2020

            Robi Happy New Year Offer 2020

            In Happy New Year 2020, Robi brings some special data package, minute pack offer, and SMS pack offer. All of the Robi New Year internet offers are discussed here.
            You can also check the Robi Internet offer 2020 (Updated). or Robi Internet Package list from here. 

            2020 MB Data 30 Taka for 3 days

            Robi New Year Super Deal 2020MB 3Days 30Tk. The 2020 MB data pack activation code is  *212*030#. and Data Check code *3#.

            Robi New Year  4GB Tk 45 Internet Offer

            Now, 4GB Internet (2GB regular and 2GB bonus internet.) pack at only 45 Taka. Regular 2GB data pack can be used for any purpose and Bonus 2GB only for YouTube and IMO Messenger.
            To buy internet pack dial *123*13# or Call 844413 (toll-free).  To check remaining internet balance, dial *123*3*5#

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            Banglalink SMS Offer 2020 (All SMS Pack Code)

            Banglalink All SMS Bundle Banglalink-Banglalink/Any Number. Banglalink to Any Number SMS Bundles

              Banglalink to Any Number SMS

              • Pack: 70 SMS (Any Number)
              • Validity: 7 Days
              • Price: 7 Tk
              • Acrivarion code: *1100*5*5*1# then reply with 1
              • SMS balance check: *124*17#

              Banglalink 500 SMS Bundle 30Tk

              Price: 500 SMS @ Tk 5.00 + VAT/Day. To buy the bundle, dial *132*1# and reply 1 to confirm.
              Validity: Till next day 11:59:59 PM from activation day.
              To check: dial *124*2# (FREE)

              • Pack: 500SMS (Any Number)
              • Price: 30 Taka
              • Validity: 30Days 
              • Purcharge code: *1100*5*5*2# then reply with 1
              • SMS Balance check: *124*17#

              Banglalink 100 SMS Bundle

              Price: 100 SMS @ Tk 1.99 + VAT/Day. To buy the bundle, dial *222*8#
              Validity: 1 day (from activation till 11:59pm of that day).
              To check: dial *124*2# (FREE)
              To deactivate: dial *222*9# (free of cost)