Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Banglalink AMAR TUNE (Activation/Stop)

Banglalink AMAR Tune Service! Set your favorite songs as Caller listen. Now treat your friends and family to your favorite songs every time they call you. choose from a wide range of Bangla, Hindi and English songs.
Banglalink AMAR TUNE

Banglalink AMAR TUNE Details:

Banglalink customers can active Amar Tune by dialing *2222#. Or, Dial 2222 and follow instructions for Banglalink Amar Tune Activation. when you download a song, you will automatically be subscribed to the service.
Customers can cancel Amar tune at any times. To unsubscribe Amar Tune, Dial *2222# and follow Menu.
To find a song: To Search, a Song as AMAR Tune Write the following Message "Find" send to the number 2222.
To subscribe: Write START send to 2222 number.
Download Songs: To download song after subscription or if you know song code, write " DOWN and send it to 2222.
Registration & Download: DOWN and send it to 2222.
Delete Songs: To delete Songs from the library, Write "Del" and send it to 2222.
Specific Number AMAR Tune: Set song for specific number/person: RBT and send to 2222
Azan Tune Start: To set Azan STARTAZAN send to short code 2222
Azan Tune Stop: To remove Azan, STOPAZAN send to short code 2222
Unsubscribe: STOP send to short code 2222
Subscription Fee: Monthly Subscription 30 Taka for 30 days.
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