Now treat your friends and family to your favorite songs every time they call you. choose from a wide range of bangla, hindi and english songs. 

to set through ivr 
dial 2222 and follow instructions. when you download a song, you will automatically be subscribed to the service .
to set through sms 
amar tune can be set by sms with only one step:
  • type downsongcode e.g. down523652 and send to 2222
  • download: tk.15/song (unlimited validity)
  • subscription fee: tk. 15 (excluding vat) for 15 days
  • ivr: tk. 0.08/10 sec. (excluding vat)
*vat applicable.
to unsubscribe: write stop and send to 2222 
amar tune gift
from now banglalink users can gift amar tunes service and tunes to other banglalink users. sender needs to send sms to the short code 2222 in the below format:
  • for tune: gift<song code><space>receiver’s mobile number starting as 19xxxxxxxx
    example: gift533211 19xxxxxxxx
  • for service: funp2<space>receiver’s mobile number starting as 19xxxxxxxx
    example: funp2 19xxxxxxxx
to set amar tune gift receiver needs to send sms to short code 2222 in below format within next 24 hours
  • for tune: set<song code>
  • for service: y
upon successful gifting both the sender and the recipient will receive confirmation sms. 
gift sender can gift “amar tune” service for 6 different time period; pick the number of days you want to gift for the service from the table below:

funp115 days
funp230 days
funp345 days
funp460 days
funp575 days
funp690 days

  • only tune: tk. 15 (excluding vat)
  • only service: tk. 15 (excluding vat) for 15 days
*normal sms charge applicable. vat applicable.

sms based service for amar tunes song code search

using the sms based service, the desired amar tunes song code can be searched by providing the song name, or singer name, or both song & singer name.
to search for a song code, just type the below and send sms to 2633:
  • search by song name: find<space>song<space>songname
  • search by singer name: find<space>singer<space>singername
  • search by both song and singer name: find<space>songname<space>singername
  • for help: help
*all responsibilities regarding amar tune remain with the content provider (mobizone)
for more information sms help to 2222 or call customer care at 121
click here for the amar tune list.
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