Grameenphone Bondhu Prepaid Package Migration, Tariff & FnF

GrameenPhone Bondhu Prepaid Package allows you the highest number of F&Fs. If You need highest FnF Number, then You can Migrate GP Bondhu Package. GP Bondhu Package has total 18 F&F numbers that call rate 5.5 poisha/10 second.
 GP Bondhu Prepaid Package
  • GP - GP: 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • GP - Others: 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • SMS: 50 poisha / SMS
  • FnF: 1 Super FnF (5.5 poisha/10 second) & 17 FnF (11.5 poisha/10 second)

How to migrate Bondhu Prepaid Package?

  • To migrate this Grameenphone Prepaid Package write "B" and send SMS to 4444 Number (SMS Charge Free). 
  • For migration to other package dial *121*1*6#

How To Add, Delete, Change FNF in Bondhu Packages?

  • To add FnF Number You need to write "number" & send an SMS to 2888 Number. You can add multiple FnF Number by Following Format "Number" Number Number and send this Message to 2888 number (Free of Charge).
  • To add GP Super FnF Number You need to write "SF" your desired GP number and send message to 2888 Number.
  • To delete Grameenphone F&F, SMS Type "D" Number and sent SMS to 2888 number.

GP Bondhu Package Tarif Plan:

  • GrameenPhone Bondhu Package has total 18 F&F numbers & 1 GP-GP super F&F.
  • You can add maximum 17 GP-GP F&F or GP-Other operator F&F in any combination
  • GP to GP Super F&F numbers at 5.5 poisha/10 second
  • GP to GP F&F numbers at 11.5 poisha/10 second
  • GP to other operator F&F number at 11.5 poisha/10 second
  • All GP-GP calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second\
  • All GP-Other Operator calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • No differential charging will be applicable Same for 1st and rest of the minutes
  • GP Bondhu subscribers can also migrate to the other prepaid price plans i.e. Nishchinto and djuice packages.
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff.

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