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Sunday, October 28, 2018

High Speed Teletalk 3G internet in Bangladesh

Teletalk Provides High-Speed 3G NETWORK IN Bangladesh. Then others Mobile Operator Teletalk is much strong in 3G Network. Awesome internet speed for downloading and browsing.
High Speed Teletalk 3g Internet

What is 3G?

The third generation (third generation) or 3G-Third generation term means the future generation of mobile communication. Can accept high-speed multimedia services through 3G. With your handset, you can watch videos using high-speed internet. You can enjoy video calls, live TVs, high-speed internet, from 3G phones and 3G networks.

3G is different from 2G? 

Yes, High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology is used in 3G, so that 3G networks can send data very quickly from 2G networks. Which means audio, video, graphics, and text. 3G customers will be able to exchange live video from the 3G networking area. 

What are the benefits of 3G? 

Answer: High-speed internet can be used in 3G, video calls, and many more multimedia services are available in 3G which is not in 2G. 

What are the essentials to use 3G? 

  1. Must have a 3G connection, 
  2. 3G enabled mobile set and 
  3. Your area will be under 3G network. 

What are HSPA and WCDMA enabled?

Answer: HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) is a new generation communication protocol, allowing users to exchange data with 21 Mbps speed in a good area and situation. Nowadays, HSPA has a mobile phone and USB data card.
WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is a version of the 3G technology that allows data transfer in 384 Kbps speeds in good area and state. What else can I do with 3G?
  • You can communicate with family and friends directly by video call. 
  • High-speed Internet access. 
  • Download and upload large files at high speed. 
  • Attach large file attachments and can be mailed. 
  • See streaming video. 
  • Can play and download HD games.

I am not a Teletalk user, how can I get 3G service on my mobile? 

Answer: New users will have to take a new TELETALK 3G connection to avail 3G services.

What happens when I go out of the 3G area? 

Answer: When you move out of the area, your mobile will use the 2G / 2.5G network. But keep an eye on whether your dual mode is active on your mobile.

How do I know if I have got the 3G connection? 

Answer: When your mobile is launched for 3G services, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile. And you can enjoy 3G services.

What do 3G speeds depend on? 

  1. on the handset 
  2. Network Area
  3. Network traffic, how many users are using the 3G network at the moment. 

Can I download and upload video to mobile? 

Answer: Yes, you can. With 3G, you can view and download videos on your mobile. You can also record videos and upload them to the Internet and share them with friends.

What is the benefit of mobile broadband? 

Mobile broadband will allow you to use the high-speed internet in any situation. To have mobile broadband services, mobile handsets with 3G enabled and 3G services have to be.
If you want to use 3G on a laptop while you are on the move, you can use your 3G handset to connect to the computer with data cable, infrared or Bluetooth, using 3G.

When buying a 3G phone, should you look at any particular specialties? 

All mobile phones in the market do not support 3G.
Two types of 3G phones are available: HSPA and WCDMA enabled.
According to Teletalk's advice, it is best to use HSPA-compatible handsets for high speed and 3G usage.
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