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Teletalk Prepaid Bornomala SIM package is only valid for the students of all college and university of Bangladesh.
To registration for this Teletalk Bornomala SIM card, interested students will do this at Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. pavilion/stall in “Amar Ekushe Gronthamela-2015” or "Dhaka Book Fair 2015" & also any customer care of Teletalk in Bangladesh.

Time Range for Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration
Bornomala SIM Registration Start from: 1 February, 2015.
Bornomala SIM Registration Ends on: 30 April, 2015.

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration NEW Procedure

SMS procedure:

• firstly from a teletalk connection, you needs to send SMS for REGISTRATION.

• SMS can be send by writing BOR<space>BOARD(First 3 letters<space>ROLL<space>SSC PASSING YEAR<space>MOBILE NUMBER and send to 16222

Example: BOR DHA 12345 1995 0155XXXXXXX

• in a replay, you will get NAME and a REGISTRATION number

• for online registration, you need to visit

• during online registration, applicants must prove teletalk customer care name from where you can collect your sim

• applicants can registration this sim under his/her name if their have no students id cards then applicants must registration this sim under his/her Guardians name

• during sim collection from teletalk customer care , applicants must provtifice SSC Certificate or Mark Sheet

• Student who's SSC exam year is in between year 1995 and year 2014 they can apply.

• You can reprint/download the completed form anytime from here..

• after the REGISTRATION deadline ends you will notify the date for collect your sim

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration OLD Procedure

 Bornomala SIM Registration Form will be collected from Teletalk pavilion in Amar Ekushe Gronthamela 2015. Filling up the form it should be submitted.

You can download Bornomala SIM Registration Form from

by click here...

After filling up the form you will have to send it to

To collect the Bornomal SIM, the registered person should be present at the Teletalk customer care with following Essential documents: -

User Registration Form Copy
Photocopy of College/University ID Card
2 copies of Photos of Registered Person
Photocopy of National ID
Certificate/Mark sheet of SSC

When I will get Bornomala SIM card?

SIM distribution date and times will be noticed by Teletalk. All students will get message about SMS collection notice on their cell phone. As well as notify by Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. via their official website.

Download Teletalk Bornomala online SIM Registration Form Here
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