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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Airtel 5Tk Double Internet Offer 2018

Airtel 4G Internet Offer 2018! After purchasing an internet pack, Airtel offers a special internet offer with only 5 taka recharge or dial code, Airtel subscriber has to get double internet information of 5 taka. 100% Internet Bonus & amp; 2GB 4G data @ Tk5
Airtel prepaid customers can enjoy 4G internet bonus for purchasing the main pack. If an Airtel prepaid user purchases a major data pack below, then he will be able to get the same internet package recharging only 5 taka or by dialing USSD code * 123 * 005 # (Charge 5 taka). Main Pack Validity Besides, he will get 2 GB 4G bonus to buy a 5 pack.
Airtel 5Tk Double Internet

Airtel 5Tk Double Internet Offer 2018:

airtel 5tk double internet volume offer
Other Conditions:
  • All prepaid customers are eligible for these two main packs (45, 98, 12, 209, 398) & amp; Recharge & amp; Both can be bought by 5 paisa pack. USSD dialing
  • USSD code * 5 * 005 # for 5 packs. Charge will be 5 (with VAT)
  • Both 1 GB 4G & amp; The validity of 2 GB 4G will be 15 days.
  • As many as 4 subscribers can receive the offer as they are during the Campaign add-ons 5TK packs can be used only once after purchasing each major pack. Once this money is accepted 5 packs, it can not be rescheduled until expired.
  • The sum of 6 paise pack will expire on the same day of the original pack.
  • If multiple major packs are available during the purchase of Addon 5 packages, the pack will be able to get the addon volume with the validity of the pack associated with the highest price.
  • Prices VAT, SD & amp; SC
  • This offer is available only for Airtel Prepaid customers
  • Offer for 10 airtel prepaid subscribers will be effective.
  • For the 11 bonus 4G pack, the 4G NV will have to fill 1 MB. Rest can be used in 2G / 3G / 4G
  • Check the data volume of 12; Validity, Customers need to dial * 778 * 005 #
  • Checking Data Balance & amp; The validity of any other pack, dial * 8444 * 88 #
  •  If a customer is USSD & amp; Recharge Tuck 5, will he get additional product? Yes
  •  If a customer is EL & amp; Will USSD dial for TS5, will he get additional products? Yes
  • At 16 taka, there will be minimum priority for extra pack data packs. Suppose a customer has a general package named "AAA" in addition to a 5-rupee pack. The data volume will be consumed from the first "AAA" pack. Once it is fully enjoyed, it will start collecting from the pack of 5 bucks.
  • If the customer buys for 45 packs, then 209 packs and then 5 rupees to 5 taka, he will get double data for the first recharge. The second money will be recharge of 5 taka, empty or left in the main account.
  • postpaid customers will not be able to purchase any of these packs.
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